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We appreciate your interest and solidarity with the people of Africa for whose well-being we are committed. Help us with your donation. Each amount is extremely welcome and will be given in full to Africa. Administrative costs, fees and expenses are borne by our own membership fees.

What we do with your donation, you can find out here.

We offer you several possibilities to donate with us. You can opt for a one-time or ongoing donation. We also completely free you the choice of the payment option.
For all intended donations, which exceed 200 Euro, you will receive a donation receipt of the association recognized by the tax office. For donations up to 200 euros, the tax office receives the transfer or deposit slip. In order to reduce the administrative burden, in this case we only issue donation receipts upon request.

Transfer to our donation account:

  • Mlango e. V.
  • IBAN: DE66 4949 0070 0988 5431 00

For a donation receipt please enter your name and address. Your personal information will not be disclosed. Donations receipts are usually made at the beginning of the year for the past year. If you need a donation receipt during the year, please contact us.

In addition to the classic transfer you can also

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Exemption from corporate income tax

According to an exemption decision of the tax office Minden MLANGO is exempt from corporation tax and trade tax. The association is entitled to issue donation confirmations for donations that are given to him for use for his tax-privileged benevolent and charitable purposes.

Notice of exemption for the years 2015 – 2017 (PDF)