Soccer balls as friendship balls!

Africa Day of the parish Hartum-Holzhausen

We “Mlangos” were invited to the Africa Day of the parish Hartum-Holzhausen on September 30, because together with the community we support the children and school feeding projects in the south of Africa, namely in Malawi.

At the family service we heard the story of Bhan. This boy had to flee with his family from his homeland to Ethiopia. He found many friends there, because they all enjoyed playing football together.

Soccer Balls as Friendship Balls: With this idea, visitors to the Africa Day painted and signed four soccer balls with us.

On the next visit to the Malawian schools, the balls will then be given as a special greeting to the parish before the traditional football match (teachers and Mlango’s against students). It will be a great pleasure!

Evi Binder, dr. Jan Pferdmenges and Pastor Christian Weber were happy to receive great interest and generous donations for the work of Mlango e.V.

Sincerely Mlango thanks the church members of the parish Hartum-Holzhausen for the generous donations.