Borehole done! Water is back at Mapareka School

For months there was an acute problem with the pump and the borehole at Mapereka Primary School.

  • The borehole, previously 40m deep, was no longer sufficient; a completely new borehole with a depth of 60m had to be made and parts of the pump had to be replaced.
  • The children currently have to bring water from miles away to school so that the likuni phala can be cooked for them.
  • However, there is not enough water for the garden etc. at all.
  • Alternatives to a new borehole have been researched, but are difficult. A connection to the local water network would be possible, but experience has shown that it is very unreliable and failures are inevitable.

What does the deputy headmaster of Mapareka School think about a solar pump for water supply?

Considering whether the tried and tested hand pump technology should be replaced with a solar pump, the deputy headmaster of the Mapareka school speaks clearly: possible theft, problems with the energy storage, too expensive.

A drilling company was hired at the beginning of October and started work last week.

On Sunday we received news of the successful drilling!

Finally the children no longer have to carry water to school, and the garden also has a chance to produce fruit and harvest again.

Happy enough!