Cherries for mlango

While pineapples, papaya, bananas and peanuts are harvested in Malawi, the branches of the cherry tree bend under the weight of the many sweet fruits on the meadow of the Mlango office in Porta Westfalica.

The school children in Malawi don’t know any cherries – what a shame – they would like them!

In order to give them some of our rich cherry harvest in a roundabout way, we gave the fruit on the bike path at the weekend for a small donation.

We earned 105 euros thanks to the cherry harvest and benefited in three ways:

  1. The donors were happy about the fruits and the good deed
  2. From the income, 1200 children can be provided with the necessary maize porridge in one day!
  3. And we are relieved that we don’t have to pick up a cherry compote this year!