Sustainability: Maize sacks become Malawian school sacks

What is luck? Madalo, an African girl is certain. Luck is: I can go to school! I can learn something!

The school beginners proudly carry their little school bag and smile at the sun. This Malawian “school satchel” is filled with a copybook and a pen. (How lucky to have a notebook and your own pen!)

The bags for school beginners are made from the empty corn sacks from school meals by women who work at home. Sustainability on a small scale!

What makes school beginners happy and proud is also a joy for the women in the village, who, under the guidance of Mai Jana – the handicraft teacher – earn a little money by sewing school bags.

Mai Jana – the handicraft teacher

The small school bags are sewn with an old sewing machine that has already worked its way through many meters of fabric and sackcloth. But the good old sewing machine groans and groans: sometimes it’s the wedge rhyme, then the thread spools jam and now the good old helper threatens to get out completely.

The dream of a new sewing machine, the dream of good work materials, the dream of children who proudly carry their own school bag to school and the hope of women to earn a little money is in danger!

Who wouldn’t want to be a lucky charm ?!

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