Frankfurt, Addis Ababa, Lilongwe – for the first time in Africa!

Hardly anyone is loyal to MLANGO for longer and achieves more consistent donation(bags) than her. Now the time has come!

On October 28th, Kerstin Horstmeier started to visit Malawi accompanied by Eckehard Binder and Friedrich Plöger. The destination is Blantyre, at the foot of the Mulanje Mountains, in the south of Malawi. Although she has been closely connected to MLANGO since 2005 as a church master through a sponsorship project in the Hartum/Minden parish, this is her first trip to our project region. However, her companions Ecki Binder and Friedrich Plöger, the club heads of MLANGO, have plenty of African experience.


Together, the trio wants to find out whether, and if so what, opportunities for further development there are for our local MLANGO organization in the coming years. Because organization is everything… or almost everything! In any case, the three travellers were quite happy to be able to have a break for an evening at the Baobab Lodge on Lake Malawi after the strenuous flights and before the 10-hour drive from Lilongwe to our project region Blantyre.

We arrived safely at the Baobab Lodge and immediately went swimming in Lake Malawi. Splendid!!! We stayed overnight in a small lodge. I feel like I’m in another world and I’m really coming down.

Kerstin writes to us in a first short message.

This short stay from Sunday to Monday was organized by one of our close local employees, Maxwell Zapete. In the meantime the tour group has now arrived Mulanje Mission, the clinic site that Ecki Binder helped set up. They will tarry there during their stay.

The first goal after arriving on site on Tuesday was a visit to Mai Jana – the handicraft teacher – for years she has been sewing school bags for our school children from corn sacks. The children love their school bags and carry them proudly.

Stay tuned!