Malawi Journey July 2019: Return flight with heavy suitcases

In July Martin, Moritz and Ecki from Mlango flew to Africa with 6 suitcases and 165 kg of luggage.

For two weeks, they traveled from school to school, meeting with teachers, parents and children, pondering problems, solving problems and looking forward to happy and motivated schoolchildren. They danced with the teachers and students, laughed, enjoyed the Malawian hospitality and then – one is surprised – flew home with full, heavy suitcases.

The reason for this was this: In the Malawian tradition, it is customary to send the guests home with many good wishes for the relatives and with plenty of provisions for the journey:

A banana tree (which unfortunately could not be transported), lots! Sweet potatoes and Pea pods from the small village of Namijingo, in which the women still meet at the sewing school and make for us the little stuffed elephants and the schoolbags for the first graders. The lavish Malawian livestock has arrived home fresh and fast via air freight via Lilongwe and Addis Abeba, and we enjoyed a delicious Malawian lunch with these delicious ingredients during our August Mlango session.