Who survives? – Our contribution as part of the ‘We in Minden’ initiative of the Minden Newspaper

Who survives?

Thanks to the MT editorial team for allowing MLANGO to present itself among these initiatives!

We in Minden: that sounds familiar, homely, sometimes proud. Hello, we exist! We are who! Not a white spot in no man’s land, everyone, take a look, we have our finger on the pulse of time! Not to underestimate what we do in Minden and the surrounding area. Of course there are disputes, but that’s better than narrow-minded despots, isn’t it?

Who survives? Here we stop. Here it is not enough to look at our home, in our residential area, in our region. The crises, national and global, teach us that: pandemics, war, famine, freak weather. Our view must widen for our future, for the future of our children.

Who survives? MLANGO sees the plight of children and families in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in southern Africa. For them, the struggle for survival is a daily reality. Are we getting halfway full today? What’s for dinner tomorrow? Not to choose from, but something at all…

Education instead of hunger and poverty – that is the MLANGO concept. Pots and tubs in the school kitchens in the Mulanje region fill up every day for more than 4,500 children, and the trend is rising. A cup of corn porridge enriched with vitamins, salt and sugar, soy and oil is enough for any student before class, because an empty stomach does not like studying. With teachers and parents, the children learn how to sow, tend and harvest, plant small forests, do business, and plan for the family before pregnancy threatens their livelihood too young. Of course also reading, arithmetic, writing, the ABC.

Education sponsors wanted! We in Minden know that this is not possible without costs. No, let’s not call it a cost, but an investment. Education against hunger and poverty, reason against wars for belongings. In the partnership with the Malawian villagers, relationships and trust grow. Joy and gratitude also fill the hearts of those who share here and there.

Oh Savior, tear the heavens open a little more! Christ the Savior is where we prepare the way together. We in Minden, we on this planet. Translated from the Bantu language, MLANGO means: door. So let’s make them high and wide towards gardens in bloom. This is MLANGO’s vision. Become a part of it, because truly, truly I say to you: It doesn’t work without you!

Take a critical look and see for yourself at MLANGO.de. Here you will also find our Christmas letter, it is about Mai (Ms.) Jana. And if you like (feel free), click the donate button!

Thank you, your MLANGO team – from our region.

(This article appeared in the ‘We in Minden’ series – in the daily newspaper ‘Mindener daily sheet’)