Gardening at Nsanjama School – next plans – and what does all this bring us

At the end of April, the students of Nsanjama School did the following:

  1. They harvested their sweet potatoes
  2. They cooked and ate the sweet potatoes with great joy.
  3. They made compost manure from green sweet potato runners, ash, and dry plant matter.
  4. They sold some sweet potato runners for 1000 kwacha. The learners have agreed to buy harvested seeds with this money, even if it is not enough.
  5. Some students went home with sweet potato leaves on the side.

Pictures of the sweet potato harvest:

Preparing of the compost manure:

Sweet potato leaves as a side dish to take home:

We as Nsanjama School have the following plans for the near future:

  1. Prepare our garden again for vegetable production such as mustered, tomatoes and okra.
  2. Put extra effort on caring for our trees that survived from water lodged due to Cyclone cyclone Freddy
  3. Look after our live fence. This live fence is doing very well.
  4. Construct a temporary fence around the live fence forus to perform our activities well as well as protecting the live fence.

More than learning success through gardening!

  1. Learners managed to learn one method of cooking food which is boiling method as it is shown in their book of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY for standard 6 (grade 6), book unit 14.
  2. They enjoyed as they were eating food they produced, prepared cooked and served for themselves.
  3. The learnt and appreciated the making of compost manure
  4. They have known that people can do well have good healthy through Agriculture.