It was very touching!

Kerstin’s travel diary – visit to Mulanje Mission Hospital

Yesterday I was invited to visit the chaplain of the Mulanje Mission Hospital, as I am also a chaplain for hospitals. This allowed me to see the hospital rooms with the patients and was also able to talk to some of them.

It was very touching! Mothers are very often with the sick. The food is cooked by the family on site in a separate building. They are also washed and changed by the family. The relatives sleep on the ground in front of the beds, even in the private ward. So no all-inclusive like ours.

Pastoral care definitely goes to every patient and there is always prayer. The pastor spoke with concern about suicide attempts among young people. The reason for this can often be found with the parents: they say, if you don’t finish school, we’ll throw you out of the house.

LG Kerstin