Repair done! Now the gardening can continue

One of the two broken wheelbarrows

It wasn’t even 4 weeks ago that we reported on the successful gardening at the Mwangothaya School. But also about the urgently needed repair of the two wheelbarrows. A sad picture. But it also shows how intensively the garden tools are used.

Today the wheelbarrows were repaired and returned to the Mwangothaya School agriculture teacher, Chipiliro Lackson, for the important work in the garden. He wrote to us about it:

We are very happy for your help. We will now have to continue picking grey soils from the site to the garden.

From our practical diary… ‘How to repair a wheelbarrow’:

  1. We are informed about defective devices; in the case of garden tools, our school garden coordinator Sibylle takes over the organization
  2. A price comparison between new purchase and repair takes place including obtaining several offers
  3. In case of repairs, the transport of the devices must be organized.
  4. In this example, the welder did not have an account and cash payment with a receipt had to be organized
  5. Pick up the repaired devices and hand them over to the relevant school